M1-166 Supreme Master Ching Hai
Following her faith in the use of originality and intuition in artistic creation, Supreme Master Ching Hai, a lover of eastern philosophy, has created fine works in poetry, painting, music, song, lamp design, jewelry, costume design, gardening, and photography. Regarded by many as an artist of uncommon talent, she has never taken her work as seriously as have others. Central to her faith is her respect for life, which she considers the foundation of all thought and behavior. Engaged in charitable work for many years, she has recently focused more on urgent missions such as animal and environmental protection, while also continuing her efforts in disaster relief and charity.

This unique exhibition presents many photographs taken by Supreme Master Ching Hai while she was living near a lake in southern Europe. Using just an ordinary digital camera, she was able to capture the poetry of her interactions with her animal neighbors with great sensitivity.

A31-34 Youn Sang-bok
# Haier TV(China’s no. 1 electronics manufacturer)used his timelapse collection for their TV demo video in worldwide shops for one year.
# SK Telecom(Korea’s no.1 telecommunication company)used his timelapse collection for exhibition display and TV broadcasting for one year.
# Invited by PICF(a Korean image/video production association)to provide screening of his timelapse in a movie theater and answer questions from audience.
# Awarded Grand Prize at Media Façade Photo Contest by Cultural Heritage Administration of South Korea.
# Awarded at Farming Village Landscape Photo Contest by Ministry of Agriculture, Food&Rural Affairs.

A35/36 Shu-Min Su
Graduate Institute of Fine Arts, National Chiayi University
Art instructor at Baby Bear Art Studio
2010 Oil Painting Exhibition, National Formosa University
2014 Oil Painting Exhibition, Hushan Art Museum
2015 Oil Painting Exhibition, Ta Chong Bank, Taichung

A37/38 Hui-Chen Chou
Works at Changhua County Art Museum.
Chou has won Honorable Mention in Huang Shi Art Exhibition and has been selected into the National Civil Officers Art Exhibition. She is an artist-in-residence of Dacun Township Office.

A39 Hsin-Chen Chang
Hsin-Chen Chang was born in Shuili, Nantou. She used to work in an elementary school, and is now an artist and teaches children painting. She has won the First Prize in the 9th, 10th, 23rd, and 25th New Year Prints Exhibition of R.O.C., which was organized by the Council of Cultural Affairs. The award-winning artworks are collected by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. She has also won the Third Prize in the watercolor category in the National Civil Officers Art Exhibition.
2008 New Year Prints Group Exhibition organized by Hakka Affairs Council.
2010 Collecting Taiwanese Antiques: Western Collectors Look at Cultures of Taiwan, Taiwan Provincial Administration Information Hall
2013 Loving Hut New Year Prints Solo Exhibition
2016 New Year Prints Solo Exhibition, Tien-Lai B&B, Puli, Nantou

A40 Baliwags
Baliwags is a Paiwan artist from Taitung. He has been making art for many years and is always prolific in his artistic career. His work is interdisciplinary and has won critical acclaim from different fields.
1997 Print work collected by National Taiwan Museum (Takubakuban)
Indigenous Artist Group Exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum
2002 Artist-in-residence, Taipei Artist Village
2008 Homecoming by Genio Dance (stage and costume design), Black Box, National Theater, Taipei
2012 Mural design and implementation, Chen Shu-Chu Library, Ren-Ai Elementary School, Taitung
2013 Representation of Primitivity, Yat-sen Gallery, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
Taitung Railway Artist Village and Taitung Art Museum Artist-in-Residence Group Exhibition
2014 Children’s book creation, National Taitung Living Art Center

A41 Jen-Hsiang Wang
Jen-Hsiang Wang was born in 1952; he is a retiree from Chunghwa Telecom. He is a member of The Penmanship Association of Chong-Jin, and a student of Calligraphic Art Course, National Changhua University of Education College.

A44/45/56 Chih-Chuan Lu
Lu has a diverse and prolific artistic career. His outstanding skills embody the creative beauty of lohas in modern society, not only bringing people and art closer but also representing the wonderful and intimate relationship between humans and animals with his pottery works of lively animals.
Lecture, “Creative Design for Future School of Green Architecture—Teacher Seminar”
Lecture, “Enhancement of Elementary Teachers’ Teaching Ability Program—Teacher Seminar”
Founder of Hsiang Hung Pottery

National strong>LED Creative Design Competition, Selection Award
MADA Indigenous Photography. Three works were selected
SNOOPY Product Design, First Prize
SNOOPY Fashion Design, Honorary Mention
The 1st Taiwan Golden Tea Pot Award, 100 Best Tea Pot Design
Artist in Pingtung, Selection Award (Applied Arts)
Environmental Projection Impromptu Comic Competition in school, First Prize

A53 Grace
Designer and instructor at a Children Talent School
The designer has incredible creativity and energy. She loves to make art with her little son, and the works reveal her child-like heart and light. Her sympathetic care for the animals fill her works with love.

A54/55 Ching-Ti Chen
As a child, the artist has shown a love for art and loved to play mud and draw graffiti, which might cause some scolding: how could a girl be so unruly. When she was older, her writings and drawings had often won awards (this proved that one might not achieve greatness despite childhood excellence).
In early 1990s, she moved with her husband to France, where he worked on his thesis and she kept her friend’s crayons and pastels and started painting stills of flowers and fruits as well as the cityscape of Paris.

After the thesis was completed, she returned to Taiwan and opened a restaurant called “La Marquise a 5 Heures,” which was first French vegetarian restaurant in Taiwan.

One year after the opening of the restaurant, she suffered a severe illness that led to restart painting to entertain herself. During that time, she created a bunch of sketches of cats and some abstract paintings. A few years later, she accidentally stepped into making 2D, 2.5D and 3D works with recycled materials. Not only is the material easy to get from everywhere, she also hopes to help reduce the amount of “garbage” in incinerators and lower our carbon footprint.

We might not know each other. However, if your eyes ever fall on any one of the works, our affinity is born from that moment on. I once saw this saying on my friend’s Facebook page, “the highest form of worship is to live your life in joy and playfulness.” I have liked it, and would like to use it to conclude my introduction.