A54/55 Ching-Ti Chen
As a child, the artist has shown a love for art and loved to play mud and draw graffiti, which might cause some scolding: how could a girl be so unruly. When she was older, her writings and drawings had often won awards (this proved that one might not achieve greatness despite childhood excellence).

In early 1990s, she moved with her husband to France, where he worked on his thesis and she kept her friend’s crayons and pastels and started painting stills of flowers and fruits as well as the cityscape of Paris.

After the thesis was completed, she returned to Taiwan and opened a restaurant called “La Marquise a 5 Heures,” which was first French vegetarian restaurant in Taiwan.

One year after the opening of the restaurant, she suffered a severe illness that led to restart painting to entertain herself. During that time, she created a bunch of sketches of cats and some abstract paintings. A few years later, she accidentally stepped into making 2D, 2.5D and 3D works with recycled materials. Not only is the material easy to get from everywhere, she also hopes to help reduce the amount of “garbage” in incinerators and lower our carbon footprint.

We might not know each other. However, if your eyes ever fall on any one of the works, our affinity is born from that moment on. I once saw this saying on my friend’s Facebook page, “the highest form of worship is to live your life in joy and playfulness.” I have liked it, and would like to use it to conclude my introduction.