A50 Yearning

Category: Embroidery

Artist: Hometown Angel

This embroidery uses colors in a very exquisite manner; the different colors present a rich visual effect and bring out various layers in the work. In order to naturally represent the trees and reflections in the distance, the artist used a method of random embroidery, delicately portraying the lush leaves of the trees. As for the tree branches in the foreground, the artist first created a structure of the trees, and then embroidered the pattern to emphasize the texture and lines of the tree branches. The lake and the sky subtly faded into light blue, rendering the entire image peaceful and mysterious.

The colors in the work match as much as possible to the colors of the original work. In addition to keeping the harmonious feeling of the ensemble, each section is in vivid color for emphasis (the tree branches and trunks that cross the entire image). They guide the audience to see the subject whereas the strong trunks and uprising branches convey a sense of unending life force that the audience could immediately feel.