A58 Above the Green Expanse of Water


Author: Gentleman

Above the Green Expanse of Water
A Beautiful Image of Snow-White Purity

The photographer's shutter captured and crystallized the swan Pitu's moment of elegance and refinement into eternity. The painting extracts and made succinct use of the original portrait's lines, applied the brushwork techniques of Traditional Chinese painting to produce a re-creature of the original artwork. It uses delicate brushwork with minute precision and attention to details in order to present the swan's extraordinary beauty and grace.

Swans are not often used as subjects in Traditional Chinese painting. Despite that, the painter has incorporated the two with ease. The composition is neat and unaffected; the brushwork delicate; the choice of colors is sprightly and elegant, and the subject stands out with the use of color-gradation. It emanates a joyful and lively atmosphere. The use of the color of gold in the background adds a touch of resplendence. The ancient style of calligraphy and the unique seal present to the audience a Classical Chinese version which is a complete contrast. It simultaneously deepens their understanding and admiration of the original portrait.