About the Exhibition


Entering the exhibition Ripples of Love, audience will feel being embraced by the nature. The beautiful artworks reveal a world with quiet whispering wind, raindrops, rippling water, calmly rolling clouds and distant and vast sky. In that world you see not only tender flowers, rustling leaves, dancing grass, but also singing birds, graceful swans, energetic wild ducks, gentle wild geese, swift seagulls, colorful snails, enthusiastic magpies, and cute squirrels. Here, human is united with the nature and all other living beings, reminding us to cherish the nature and treasure our world!

Ripple of Love is accomplished by the effort of the volunteers of Love Ocean Creative International and various long-term vegan spiritual-practitioner artists, via the sincere and loving communication of wisdom using the scenes and stories of the main photographic images of the wilderness in Lake Amoura from The Noble Wilds. Through diversified presentations, the exhibition reveals the "Noble & Loving Quality" of all living creatures in the natural world, such as their symbiotic relationship, reciprocal love, mutual respect and sacrifice for love, to help recall the original truth, kindness, and beauty of humanity.

The exhibition showcases more than one hundred artworks of a wide range, including photography, oil painting, calligraphy, installation, embroidery and paper-cutting.
We cordially invite all to visit Ripples of Love and experience the peace, harmony, elegance and joy conveyed through these artworks.