A36 Orchids

Category: Oil Painting

Artist: Shu-Min Su

Since the ancient time, orchids have been used to represent nobleness, virtue, and elegant beauty by the Chinese literati.
I chose to paint orchids was because I hoped to show my personality as well as the mysterious exchange between a painter’s soul and the “god of painting”—immersing in each other to reveal the eternal beauty and to define art in a new way.

Visually speaking, the painting is pleasing to the eyes and very rich.
The impressionistic sweetness and light dance on the canvas while the waterfall-like strings of flowers overflow from every tiny bud like the mandala.
It is like “the whole universe is represented, an inner representation that is harmonious and in order”; in the meantime, it also reflects the philosophical understanding of nature in microcosm.

There exists a kind of beauty,
Like orchids,
Revealing a sense of majesty and
Quiet yet elegant scent
In nature.