M111 Awakened Dreams

© : SMCH

Autumn Song

Every fallen leaf has a lifetime of stories to be told to you.
They gather in group, all talking at once.
They gaze at each other, whispering in a low voice.
They quietly lie in bushes, daydreaming a little.
Ushering in the spring,
the gentle breeze and rain nourish the tender green as fragrant flowers bloom one after another.
The overwhelming singing of frogs and cicadae and the fresh green growing in the wind and rain as time goes by have melt the continuous waves of passion.
Unknowingly, the sounds of autumn could be heard.
Crisp breeze and light drizzle bring in slight coolness,
and hold in their palms the grains of joy.
It is time to give the branches to the fully grown and ripe fruits.
At this moment, one only wants to return to the embrace of the earth,
and praise it with a lifetime of poetry, and  
Wait admiringly for the tranquility of winter.