M136 A Quiet Corner

The photographic composition of ‘A Quiet Corner’ is relaxed. The interaction between the photographic elements brings forth a wondrous rhythm and tempo. The yellow beams form an invisible ceiling and function as the main construct of the photo, creating a radiant diamond of space; the proportion of the yellow beams within the photo provides it with a sense of balance, ethereality and transparency. It enforces the channels of connection between the portals. The mutual circular movement between the doors and portals results in the focus of the picture not being restricted to one single element. The abundance of light in the invisible ceiling along with the yellow beam that frames it, the simple elegance of the floorboard, gently lifted curtains, reclined cushions on the sofa, hung cooking pans on the ceiling, water pipe jutting out in the lower right of the photo blend elements of dynamism and staticity here in this photograph piece.

The red sofa – the most conspicuous item in the photograph leads the audience’s sight to the densest part, injecting sobriety in an otherwise dynamic expanse. This in turn leads to a careful co-ordination between dynamism and tranquility. If we imagine the red sofa as the bass part of the background music, then the conjunction of the space, ceiling, floorboard, doors, portals and the other photographic elements forms the main melody of the orchestral piece.
The red color, direction and angle of the reclined cushion on the sofa along with the jutting pipe in the lower right guide the audience visually right to the ferry rack’s passageway. Its openness forms a curve between the sofa and lifted curtains of the door with the sunlight pouring from the ceiling contrasted with the dark serene room creates dynamic awareness from the room to the ferry rack. The green colored pipe in the lower right extends onto the floor, making the inner space even more conspicuous, vivid and full of dimension.
The audience’s line of sight, captivated, flows through the interconnected elements – from the gleaming ceiling to the entrance door, the curtains, the sofa, the cushion, and then to the hanging fry pan, the water pipes by the pond, the half-opened door, the path leading to the ferry’ rack; the entire composition is filled with musical synergy like the high and low notes of a silent symphony.
One’s gaze lightly sweeps across the image, resting on the intersecting point of the two yellow beams. This is the focal point of this picture; the apex of the symphony. One cannot help but visualize leaving the room, walking pass the sofa, the door to the ferry rack with the photographer. Immersing oneself in this beautiful and lustrous flow of sunshine and nature inspires joy from the bottom of one’s heart and a smile on one’s face.