M96 The Rhythm of Silence

© : SMCH

The hue of autumn wind magnifies the forest’s radiant splendor. The blue sky and autumn trees cast its reflection on the glistening lake surface. Waterfowls of various sizes – resting, playing, foraging and taking flight. Their jubilant cries stand in striking contrast to the still serenity of fall. The moving subjects and the static scenery meld into perfect harmony. The animals are immersed in bliss, relishing the gift of nature. One cannot help but be reminded of the famous phrase in Southern Song Dynasty by the poet Xin Qiji : “Under the expanse of clear autumn sky, waterflow follows the horizonless autumn sky.”
Ripples, big and small, set off by the waterfowls adds a dreamlike dynamic to the entire image as if the audience can actually hear their joyous whistles and sense a surge of exuberant vitality. Nature has composed a beautiful autumn tribute, how colorful the celebratory song of life is!