A40 Celestial Song

Category: Painting

Artist: Baliwags

The work, Celestial Song,” is a combination of two paintings. The romantic, freehand, heartwarming images are divinely inspired and reflect the enriched and encompassing cosmic view of the artist after life-forging experiences.

The hatching “rainbow-colored eggs” are like the “seven treasures” described in Buddhist sutras; the tender temperament of the feathered beings symbolizes nobleness, purity, strength, peace, contentedness, health, perfection, enlightenment and wisdom.

The attentive, continuous protection of the swan parent allows the children to come to the world healthily.

When different forms of life come to this world, they could still co-exist in harmony like a large family despite the difference of lineage. The reason is that every species understands the connection of the innermost consciousness regardless of the exterior differences, that ancient, divine origin.

In the river of time, every being experiences together the love, the cycle and reincarnation, comprehending the everlasting work of the universe and the truth of the undying love.

Finally, the artist would like to call out to the world to cherish the animals and natural environment in order to preserve that wonderful connection with the spiritual world—“there is never killing in the spiritual world,” said Baliwags meaningfully and sincerely.