A44 Sharing is Love

Category: Pottery

Artist: Chih-Chuan Lu

The elegantly poised swans are often an inspiration for art. This set of coffee cups adopts the visual form of swans; its artistic concept integrates the tea-drinking culture of the literati from both the East and the West, allowing the work to give a sense of warmth and tranquility.

The clay used to make the cups was mixed by the artist. The blue-and-white contrast, which reminds people of the ancient blue-and-white porcelain from China, makes the audience think of the swans and lake (as well as the blue sky and white clouds). The jug and cups symbolize the sharing of good times whereas the coffee spoons could be used as tea spoons in the tea making ritual and function like quills (they are designed as quills). With a few drops of coffee, one could put his inner feelings into words.

The culture of tea drinking facilitates interpersonal exchange and sharing. Whether people enjoy themselves in making conversation or in silence, the love and joy of the moment would create an atmosphere that ripples afar.