A45 Living in Mutuality

Category: Pottery

Artist: Chih-Chuan Lu

The concept of this work originates from the ying-yang fish of Tai Chi. The interaction and integration of ying and yang gives birth of all beings. The mutual creation is the way of living in nature. That is why the work is named “Living in Mutuality.” (The Chinese title sounds like “protect living beings.”)
The artist introduces the classical Chinese thinking into contemporary art making and further brings out a new rhythm and atmosphere. The refreshed cells and lives create together the enriched, brilliant Shangri-La. Therefore, we are able to see the inspiration of beauty and kindness in every corner in the everyday life. Between heaven and earth, everything is the goodness of the heavens, the love of all living beings.

This work is an artwork as well as a playful design. Audience could comprehend its artistic concept while grasping its functional purpose.
When the world was still in chaos and the forces of ying and yang were still at work, the gasping mouth of the fish would become a place for plants, allowing the decorative greenery to quietly rejuvenate the withered body and mind.