A53 Fairies on Water Music Coaster

Category:Pottery, Paper Cutting

Artist: Grace

The silhouettes in the works were designed for participating in Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2013; unintentionally, they were used for the creative and environmental-friendly music coaster. The fine pores of the ceramic surface could absorb the sweat from cold drinks and accidentally spilled hot drinks, allowing table surface to stay dry and clean. When they are left to dry up, they could be re-used.

The one with the blue down-paved path, the flying feathers and the mother swan’s tender gaze minutely delineate the most touching maternal love in the world.
The one with the green waves portray the wild duck family, lively and realistically representing the theme with intaglio and relief techniques.
The one with the purple magpie duo gives a joyful atmosphere of new year painting with the birds’ light and elegant poise.

The one in earthy color, with a rising sun over the flowing ocean, depicts the wild goose in migration with its children and informs the audience that the protection of the ecology required more of our attention and effort.

The four designs are matched with different music (available via the QRcodes), including the the song, “Miracle,” composed by the talented Mr. Chien-chun Chiang in 2012.