M01 Emerald Serenity


A landscape artist has commented that even though the composition of this photo does not follow traditional artistic rules, and the distant lake line is not level, the image is infused with beauty throughout. The deep blue water and slanting tree branches stretching across it are in perfect balance. Across the lake are layers of hills with varied shades of blue and green, creating a fascinating light-dark contrast with the tranquil water. All this, together with the reflection of the woods in the lake, imbue the picture with a soothing sense of peace and tranquility.

This image falls outside the scope of professional photographic standards because it sprang from the artist’s deepest inner feelings. A familiar lake scene, captured by the artist’s camera from her unique perspective, shines like an emerald jewel under the sky. One can almost feel the cool breeze gently caressing the water, while the shady tree leaves stretching over the top, like a woman’s half-revealing veil, add mystery to its background. Only one thought comes to mind upon viewing the picture: “Life is beautiful!”