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In the mist of dawn, stepping on the stone steps to greet the early rising birds and the blooming flowers hugging the morning dews; under the mid-day sun, following a winding path to watch the swinging twigs and the dancing shadows in the trees under a clear sky; in the golden light of dusk, bringing a basket of food to welcome the returning waterfowls and giving them a small treat as leaves are falling in gentle breeze. Heartwarming affection overflows from each and every piece of artwork, immersing the audience with ease, peace, and happiness while also encouraging them to reflect upon how to treat all lives and the Earth, the planet we call home, with kindness and love.

This unique exhibition presents many photographs taken by Supreme Master Ching Hai while she was living near a lake in southern Europe. Using just an ordinary digital camera, she was able to capture the poetry of her interactions with her animal neighbors with great sensitivity.