M4 The End of the Clouds


What a beautiful picture — radiant colors and balanced composition!

It’s a typical autumn landscape with crystal blue sky and white, billowy clouds above golden leaves covering the earth, yet one feels not the least sense of the desolation often associated with the season. The brilliant yellow of the fallen leaves evokes a feeling of warmth, while the green trees in the middle emit a vibrant energy. The sky, its baby blue vividly contrasting with the white clouds, looks ever so lofty. A meandering footpath to the right of the lawn leads the viewer’s eyes up to the far end of the horizon where the trees grow, and where the blue color of casually parked bicycles mimics the sky above, adding liveliness to the composition. With varying heights and shades of green, the distant trees hail one another on both sides of the path, and the towering one closest to the foreground dwarfs them all. On this eye-catching, stately tree are spreading branches that criss-cross and decorate the sky, while casting slender shadows on its lower trunk, creating a mottled, impressionistic look.
This bucolic scene was caught by the artist’s hand at a fortuitous moment, reflecting the leisurely life that everyone dreams of. What a Shangri-la!