M6 Dancing and Twirling

© : SMCH

Twirling in the wind
In ode to nature
With balletic grace
Praise to the Lord

This is a highly abstract freehand photograph. Theoretically, the blooming yellow flower in the center should be the focus of the picture. The charming yellow color is especially eye-catching against the whitish background. However, it is not completely in focus, leaving room for the viewers’ imagination to wander. Misty as a dream, it brings to mind a verse by Tang dynasty poet Bai Ju-yi: “Flower or not flower, mist or not mist, stealing in at midnight and vanishing in the morning. When it comes, it is like a dream in spring that does not last. When it leaves, it is like a cloud at dawn that is nowhere to be found.” Following the curve of the green stalks, the viewers’ attention is drawn toward the upper right corner where a young bud emerges to symbolize youth and hope. The slim stalk looks like a ballet dancer striving to keep her back straight, extending to the fullest as if freed from gravity, under the admiring eyes of a group of enchanted spectators – the little blades of grass on one side. Beyond this tender, natural foreground is a rigid, metal-like T-shaped fence section. While providing a stark contrast to the foreground, the T also dramatically cuts the white background into three sections, reminiscent of the abstract geometrical paintings of Piet Mondrian. The photo thus reflects the obscure, intangible beauty of reality, and pays tribute to all the inconspicuous yet unique life forms that participate in the universal dance.